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Avignon city of the Popes

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If you came to visit Provence, once in Avignon, the city will captivate you like a mermaid and you will no longer want to leave!

And just to “see” the city, you can wander for days through its intramural neighborhoods without ever getting tired.

Avignon is full of history and full of life and invites you for a stay under the sign of happiness!

Capital of Vaucluse and Côtes du Rhône, city of the popes, city of art and culture, theater, cinema, museums, department stores and small shops, Avignon is a small city that has everything of a large and still ...

From medieval houses and alleys to Renaissance mansions passing through all its beautiful and old squares and a diverse gastronomy, ranging from family, good and cheap to the greatest starred chefs.

Distance : 19 km