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Malaucène Village

culture, Sites historiques

Malaucène is located in a smiling valley surrounded by mountains, north of the department of Vaucluse and bordering with the Drôme Provençale.
A large town steeped in history, the town of Malaucène is like a Russian doll. Layer by layer, after the more modern districts on the outside, we then find the grand boulevards, on the site of the old ramparts. Lined with restaurants, cafes and century-old plane trees that provide shade, it is there, on the Cours des Isnards, that the market takes place every Wednesday morning. And this for seven centuries. One of the oldest markets in Provence, it is also a real showcase of local fresh products: the famous cherries, asparagus, apricots.
Ancient fortifications, a few medieval gates still exist like the Porte Soubeyran, formerly the gallows. Crossing them, you discover the village center, very old and otherwise lively with its old-style stalls. Continue further and along the Grande Rue, Rue du Château, the semi-circular row of houses which made the village a fortified place in the 14th century, we enter the Middle Ages, and its interior.

Distance : 19 km